The Chapel of Agios Dimitrios

The Chapel of Agios Dimitrios is one of the oldest churches of Methana located on the hill close to the village of Kounoupitsa. The church has a post byzantine character and it is worth visiting it for its beautiful frescoes and the old icons. If you ascend to the church, you will have the opportunity to admire panoramic views towards the islands of Aegina and Agistri.

The Chapel of Agios Dimitrios constructed in 1455, two years after the Fall of Constantinople, for the perservation of Christianity in the region. It had got over 100 monks and was a very prominent church. Also it had got battlements and in the years of the Greek war independance (1821) it was a secret meeting place for the fighters and members of the Filiki Eteria (Society of Friends).

It has been declared as Stavropigiaki - meaning that in its foundation it had been built a cross - under the direct jurisdiction of the Patriarch Paisios the 2nd. The March of 1798, during the Ottoman period, the then Patriarch Grigorios the fifth, ratified the jurisdiction of the Patriarch Paisios the 2nd.

The Ottoman period was one of the best periods of the Church -while always being a beacon of Orthodoxy- since the turks had granted many privileges to the Monasteries.

The things changed during the Greek War of Independence with the turks trying many times to burn down the church but without succeeding. It was then that most of the church's monks fled to the Monastery of the Holy Mother in Vidi village and to the Monastery of Poros island. Since then the church of Agios Dimitrios had been abandoned.

In 2005 and after the ruling of the Metropolitan priest of Hydra, Aegina, Trizinia and Ermionis, Mr. Efrem, there has been decided the reconstitution of the Monastery of Agios Dimitrios under the Archbishop of Trizinias, Mr. George Stokos. The required restoration of the church has been begun, to allow its reopening.

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What we organise for you

At Villa Dolphins, apart from the personal care of your needs and the creation of a warm atmosphere, we also deal with the constant improvement of the services we offer to our guests. We try to combine the best possible accommodation with your enjoyment and outdoors activities for a more "dynamic" holiday.

* Βoat trips around the island so that you can see all the hidden beauty and swimm in small beaches with no access from the road

* Horse riding in the picturesque mountains of Poros island, amongst the nature and the trekking paths.

* Fishing by a traditional fishing boat and a profesional with you to the rich fishing grounds around the rocky shores of the Poros island.

* Bicycling around the island or across on the mainland to visit beautiful places such as the Monastery, Neorio, the Lover's bay, the Russian Shipyard and even the min town of Poros island.

* Day trips to the other islands of the Argosaronic such as Hydra island, Spetses island, Aegina island, Agistri island

* Day trips by rented car or mini bus (with or without a driver) to archeological sites on the mainland such as Ancient Epidaurus, Ancient Corinth, Ancient Mycenae, Ancient Troizina or the Covered Tombs of Magoula etc.

Poros island

The scenic and popular island of Poros is a prime destination for both greek and foreign tourists due to its proximity and easy access to Athens.

Poros is the island of peace, romance and jauntiness. It is overgrown with pine trees which reach the rugged shores or the sandy beaches. The residents of Poros are like all islands, spontaneous, decent and hospitable.